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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

__ Tomorrow is now; the river flows. _m

water wheel
ideas from times river
todays mill


Rachel said...

Mir kommen da Bilder aus der Vergangenheit. Du weckst sie auf.

Lieber Magyar, alles Gute für dich und die deinen

von Herzen

Gwil W said...

scoops of water
splashing into the river
the wheel turns

Anonymous said...

This really makes sense to me - excellent Magyar :-)

Magyar said...

__ I truely appreciate your visits and kind comments, Rachel, b'naia, and Gwilym_! Now, 'tis time for me to step aside for a speck... and dry-off. Smiles_!

Sandy said...

And it goes on... Interesting times, indeed.

Magyar said...

__ Thanks Sandy_, and we all, are moments of that interesting time.

Optimistic Existentialist said...

This one is deep...makes me think

Jennifer Wagner said...

I find watermills to be mesmerizing and relaxing to watch. A thought-provoking piece, M.

Magyar said...

__ Keith, I thank you for your visit and kind comment.
__ Jenn, eyes lashed (eyelash) to the dreams of the wheel; as always, I thank you.

Bob Bushell said...

Give me the water wheel, excellent poem.

voyance Email said...

Love the site and all content.
Congratulations and thank you