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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Hello friends!
__  Two of last night's scribbles. Water, the lifeline.  Storm clouds are the sails; the crooked mast, a lightning strike. Oh... and yes, the 'boom' that circles the sail's mast, is thunder. Smiles! _m

as rivers
bleed into the seas
life flows

storm sails 
above this ocean 
crooked mast 


Jan said...

Both unique and beautiful _m 💮

Blogoratti said...

A wonderful piece as always. Greetings.

Anonymous said...

The cycle. Well done.

Ygraine said...

WOW...I have to confess...I will never see a thunderstorm in the same way again!
This is FABULOUS!!

Wishing You a Magical Weekend...:))

Gwil W said...

Down the coast Corpus Christie hopes for the best.

The winds and the rains
and the sea's surge
have no power
to listen to prayers.

Sandy said...

I grew up down in Oklahoma watching storms. We called them electrical storms back then. I can relate to this. Imagination is a great thing.