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Saturday, October 14, 2017

 Each day, we navigate along the night dream's river... to a different sea.   _m

the dream 
our chartway to further seas 
night rivers


Magyar said...

Or, as seen at Rachel's blog, my preference

night river
a chartway to further seas
dreams flow

Ygraine said...

Ah yes...the fluid nature of our dreams...another world beyond the night river.
Sometimes makes us wish time could stand still and we could stay forever! *smiles*

Have a Brilliant Sunday, Doug! :))

veredit - isabella kramer said...

love this autumnal image!


Magyar said...

__ I thank you "Y" and Isabella, for the kindness in your visits and comments! _m

baili said...

"Night river"

flowing through which we explore wonders hidden in our marvels

Rachel said...

DANKE, lieber Magyar,
es erfüllt mich mit Freude, wenn dich meine Texte inspirieren.

von Herzen danke,

Magyar said...

I thank you dear Baili, for your visits and comments! Nifty. _m

Dear Rachel, often someone's thoughts, are the matches that light your own. Many thanks! _m

sandy said...

"night rivers" i like that.

Adelaide said...

white caps on the river
the turbulant flow
of last night's dream


Magyar said...

__ Thanks Sandy, hope all is well with you and yours_!
__ Adelaide, I truly thank you... too nifty! Your "white caps", from your "White Petals," big smiles_!

Sandy said...

Some of my best trips have been on the night river.

piseth san said...

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Γιάννης Πολιτόπουλος said...

My friend,

Your poetry is a like a heart during the beginning of a never ending creativity.
Warmest greetings from Volos,Greece

Yannis Politopoulos