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Thursday, March 8, 2018

__ We had huddled in those recent severe winter storm winds, and we've cuddled through the heat losses, then stepped forward to face the severe weather dilemmas without "whining" as some have done.  Kathy and I overcame that discomfort;  but wait, I must admit that "K" and I did_ "wine" somewhat_! Smiles.      _m

snow charges
from storm stressed trees
natures turbine


Gwil W said...

Better to 'wine' than to whine!

Magyar said...

Thank you Gwilym_!
__ K and I, the team, took a sip or two (or a few) in those darkened no power shivers.

Jan said...

just like in days of old
when the weather turned bitter and cold
no electricity was to be had
for most it was thought but a fad
so they cuddled beneath their sheet
and kept warm sharing their body heat
they had no need to whine
as they shared jars of dandelion wine~ JFM

Happy you both are fine and well _m 🍷

Magyar said...

This, a grand and fine understanding of that that was... and is! Thanks Jan! "K" and _m

Ygraine said...

Yes, we could all definitely learn a lesson from you "wine" rather than "whine!" lol
We Brits tend to complain far too much when we have a cold spell...well, we've had so many mild winters of late, that we always get caught out big time when the "real" cold hits! :/

I Love the Haiku! :))

Have a Fabulous Weekend!

Adelaide said...

Thanks, Magyar, for your concern. These past few months have been busy- taking care of my husband. He is now in a nursing home. Once all the details and confusion of this transition period are settled and I have established a new routine for myself, I hope to post more regularly again.

Stay warm.


Optimistic Existentialist said...

Gotta pass the time during storm somehow ;)

Rachel said...

Lieber Magyar,

dann proste ich dir zu mit einem Lob auf den Lippen für deine guten Gedanken....auch bei mir, ich freue mich immer so sehr, DANKE !!!

Herzlichst, Rachel

Magyar said...

__ I truly thank you, Keith, your kind comment, and 'tis good to see you! _m

__ Dear Rachel... so happy to understand that you have beaten away that flu, and so good to hear that you are well! Seems your Omi and mine thought along the same seed-life line, Nifty! _m

Sandy said...

I'll bet I know what you are doing today! It doesn't seem so bad up here right now. We have power, and the wind is keeping the deck clear. I love the idea of nature's turbine.

sandy said...

well that was fun reading it but i'm sure it wasn't fun living it, except for the wine!! Hope it warms up for you.

Rosiana Monbon said...

Mille merci pour tout.
Tu es incroyable, mille bisous pour toi.

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