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Sunday, October 21, 2018

__ After each forest's Autumn diet, Winter soon arrives;  thereafter, those trees find Spring and regain their Summer ounces, Each season's smile! _m

season's diet
trees loose some weight
leaf by leaf


Crafty Green Poet said...

So true! Nice haiku

sandy said...

love your haiku - ...!

Ashi said...

a carpet of leaves
leads from Autumn to Winter
the Golden Path
The Golden Path
through Winter
a new hope – Spring
nice intro Magyar :)

Gwil W said...

Trees remove their clothes
For winter
We put more clothes on!

I shudder to think ;-)

Adelaide said...

dull and duller
autumn loses
her color sense


Magyar said...

__ Friends, Juliet, Sandy, Jens, Gwilym and Adelaide... I truly thank you for your visits and comments! _m

colored leaves
float outward on this river
low tide

Adelaide said...

Your last post inspired this. i'm still not settled in my life as a widow.

leaves on the river
floating with the tide
surely I can, too


Jean LeBlanc said...

You are an inspiration, Magyar! Thank you. --Jeannie LeBlanc

Γιάννης Πολιτόπουλος said...

Yes, this poem tells the truth about seasons and feelings.

Yannis Politopoulos