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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

__ This, a minor rewrite of that inspired by Ashi's blog, and left at Ashi's blog a few days ago. Thanks Jens! _m

the steps beyond times painting
todays brush 


Rachel said...

Lieber Magyar,
ja, was war und ist und sein wird - darüber nachzudenken ist wichtig. Jeder schmückt solche Gedanken anders aus, doch das ist das Spannende.

Lass es dir gut gehen,
ich grüße dich herzlichst

Magyar said...

I thank you deeply, Rachel, and to you, my best wishes in the -now-!

Sandy said...

Memories do seem to smooth things out as time passes, don't they?

thinking back
to long ago holidays
the joy!

Ashi said...

You're welcome Magyar, and this rewrite is good too.

Gwil W said...

what are they
when I see
what I think to be an illusion
in a window or a mirror
in a station at night
and I say to myself it is an illusion
a trick
in a window
- let's say it's a train moving backwards
and then look again
with the knowledge
that what I saw
is not what I saw
- my brain
knows not the truth -
and I view the illusion

it seems to me
that a mind
thinks one thing
and the brain thinks

who's in charge
that is the question