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Sunday, January 27, 2019

__ Politicians in fearful fights for themselves, as the gains for  humanity are ignored... and lost.

__ At noon two hounds fight, yet under the moon they become a team, and tree a raccoon.  Again they fight, each hound fearing the other will run away with their prize. 
__ The raccoon escapes.  

strained music 
of this stolen harmony
lost deeds


Gwil W said...

Delightful raccoon story.
A new one for me. Enjoyed!

The haiku too of course.

Sandy said...

Perfect! It is exactly what is happening.
Can you believe I have actually been coon hunting with my dad?

carol l mckenna said...

Creative and enlightened haibun ~

Hope you are cozy, safe and warm on Cape Cod ~

Happy Monday to you,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

Magyar said...

__ My thanks, and appreciation and best wishes to you all, Gwilym, Sandy, and Carol! _m

Adelaide said...

hooray for the raccoon, unless it's knocking down the garbage pail


Rachel said...

Auch mir gefällt es, die Gedanken dazu lassen lächeln.

Lieber Magyar, liebe Grüße von mir zu dir

Magyar said...

__ I thank you Adelaide and Rachel, and I truly appreciate your kind visits and understanding comments, smiles! _m

Ygraine said...

A wonderful tale of the dogs and raccoon...that so accurately reflects the state of our politicians!
Speaking personally, I am growing so bored with this Brexit issue!
It is all we hear...all the rangling and bickering.
I wish the politicians would simply honour the referendum vote...and take us out if Europe gracefully!
There, rant of the day over! Sorry about that, Doug! They drive me crazy though! Lol

Back to the reason I'm here...your haiku is wonderful!!😊😊

Magyar said...

"Y", So glad to see your visit and read your comment!
__ Stepping aside from the cruelty some people would say I have applied here, that seemingly potential demise of that raccoon in the tree, the metaphor (juxtaposition?) is that... we dogs of need, cannot allow our "politicians" to overlook, and negate or allow our goals to escape!
__ Are there any statespeople left? _m

sandy said...

wow, another good one.