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Friday, January 4, 2019

When facing any or all of our many failures, there is always another step to be taken! Smiles. _m 

first coffee
beyond this broken shoelace 
my loafers


Gwil W said...

It's true. When I was younger I could never win any prizes for running, but I never thought of failure, I felt knew the answer a lay as you say in taking the next step and I kep taking the next step and the next and on . . . until now in my seventies I find I'm almost always the one the podium. And this is not only on athletics but in other fields too. It's the old Robert the Bruce and the spider story - if at first you don't succeed try, try and try again. Every good wish to you for the year ahead Magyar! And thanks for your words in the year gone by.

Adelaide said...

loafers are easy to wear and comfortable. Life is one adjustment after another.


Rachel said...

Lieber Magyar,
der Wege und Schritte gibt es viele. Auf manchen bleiben wir, auf anderen biegen wir ab. In uns wohnt der Drang weiter zu kommen. Wir zählen nicht zu den Müßiggängern, lächel...

Ich hoffe, für dich und deine Lieben hat das Jahr gut begonnen. Danke für die Freundschaft im alten Jahr. Möge sie bleiben und sich festigen. DANKE.


Danièle Duteil said...

Nice brand of wisdom at the beginning of this year, Magyar !

Sandy said...

I see you are a problem solver. Best wishes for the new year!

Ygraine said...

Yep...if you can't solve it, go around it! Lol
You are definitely a person after my own heart...there is always an alternative to be found...and a coffee is essential!😉

Magyar said...

I thank y'all my friends!
__ I'll be catchin' up shortly! _m

grapeling said...

Magyar, there's no changes to my blog other than the name - not sure what happened, but no comments in spam folder, and your comment on the David Lynch item showed up fine... And of course you are always welcome to comment - not sure what happened there?

vegahelp said...

Sip it down
Nothin' broke 'til coffee's in
I agree