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Saturday, February 9, 2019

__ This was my first post, Friday, February 13th, 2009;  during February of each year I often re-post... to renew, and restart. Smiles! _m

snow fills
this cabins shattered bones
broken tea cup


Gwil W said...

February makes me shiver . . .

Keep 'em coming.

Repeat the repeats!

Warren said...

Makes me think of the tumbled-down cabins in the ghost towns spotted around Idaho - "shattered bones" is an excellent phrase and very descriptive. Superb, my friend.

Adelaide said...

I imagine a lonely cabin.

no one to share
crackling flames


Magyar said...

Adelaide, I thank you!

in times fire
memories light your flames
the warmth lingers

Gwilym and Warren, I truly thank you for your knowing comments_! _m

by JFM said...

I can picture the rustic old cabin _m and feel it's loneliness.
Beautiful haiku.

Danièle Duteil said...

Reading this haiku I feel my bones frozen.

Magyar said...

To you my thanks, JFM and DD_! Smiles. _m

Ygraine said...

I can see the old cabin in my mind's eye...and the broken tea cup within it, still resting on the table.
Aah, the tales it could tell!
Wonderfully evocative, Doug...always such a pleasure to visit!😊😊

Have a fabulous weekend.

Magyar said...

... and now, we see a 'lit' candle on that dusty table; a pile of thanks to you "Y" for your new and nifty vision_! _m

Sandy said...

old logs
sleep with memories
a white blanket

sandy said...

again beautifully said and such a warm image to think of.

sandy said...

Well warm isn't the right word....but even with shattered bones - to me a cabin always brings up cozy - cozy memories from times past.