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Tuesday, August 10, 2021

 __ When human time passes, watching Nature's daily change soon defines each traveler's muse.

as waters rise

this rivers stones fade away

the sea waits


sandy said...

Beautiful - I know there are so many places where water is rising and so many places where forests are burning. Peace to the planet.

Adelaide said...

climate change has given us drought and flood

river stones
sharply visible
the long drought


Magyar said...

__ My imagination then... has led to this now: all of nature's lives will renew. _m

atmospheres damage
will be over-run with care
deep hearts enliven

Gillena Cox said...

returning always returning
the rivers to the oceans

Stay Safe

Magyar said...

__ I'm not whining, but my stroke of over a year ago now, has created some loss of daily thought speed.
__ My deep thanks to you all Sandy, Adelaide and Gillena, your visits and comments I so well appreciate! _m