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Saturday, January 9, 2010

__Nora, we wish a very special and Happy Birthday! D and K.

this day of birth
when murmurs soft sounds
pass through this noisy air of life's


nora said...

Such a lovely greeting, Magyar! Heartfelt thanks. And happy birthday wishes to you in return.

Dianne said...

Is it your birthday? Mine too!

I like this, and will carry it with me today and tomorrow.

I consider every day worth celebrating.

Patricia E. Gaquin said...

A day late but Happy Birthday!

Kristin Riggs said...

From Nora's response, I'm assuming that it's your birthday (or was) as well. I hope your day is/was lovely!

joo said...

It's so nice:)
Happy birthday to all who celebrate!

Magyar said...

__Last year, Nora and I discovered the we shared the same birthday, a cyber coincidence. Now... Dianne too born on January 9th? How odd is that? I guess, then, we 3 are the "odd."
__Now, let's see 3, well that's an odd number... the square root of what number? -Nine- you say, the birth-day?
__Sis-in-Law! Wow, what a pleasent surprise, your visit here! Pat, you're not 'late,' better talk to your sister ;), Gaq... I thank you!
__Kristin... Yup, Jan 9th, 1-9-43,
or 1943 another numerical oddness, the -month, 1-, the -day 9-, the -year, 43-. Thanks!
__Joo... thanks for your wishes and becoming a new blog friend, I'm so pleased you like my "scribblings."
__Again my sincere thanks to you all!_m

bonequinhoda bic said...

Magyar ,could you do a Haiku about Portugal ?
Thank´s !

P.S. If you can read some stuff about Fernando Pessoa.I think that you will find is work inspirational.

BlueJayEye said...

Happy Birthday Magyar! Wishing you the best and thanking you for making my blogging experience a delightful one. And Happy Birthday to Nora and Dianne also.

Ashi said...

Happy birthday, yeah I know a day to late, but that how I work, not only to friends but certainly also family -
to the poem I can only say wouw nicely done :)

Devika said...

very nice, Magyar :)

Three birthday babies here...My b'lated wishes to all three :)