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Friday, April 22, 2016

__It seems from what I've seen of late, that I should no longer define the differences between haiku and senryu as I view them; open windows.

rain fall
in this warm wind sky
soft songs


Gwil W said...

An ode
A sonnet or
A limerick
A poem by any other name is still a poem.

An owl
A raven or
An eagle
A bird by any other name is still a poem.

sandy said...

i like what Gwil said.

and I love your "haiku" or...

Jan said...

the pitter-patter
adrift on the wind
a lullaby ~

so pretty, _m.


Bill said...

"Senryu" is a term that has never caught on in the U.S., and we probably don't need it. We can speak of comic haiku, satirical haiku, and so on.

Leslie Moon said...

gentle tones
spring's green clad conductor
breathe deep

Magyar said...

__I thank you, Sandy, Jan and Moonie. Thanks Qwilym, very interesting, and Chief my appreciation to you as well! _m

Lon Anderson said...

Ah . . . such a beautiful song it is.

Ygraine said...

Aah...that wonderful wind song, serenading the soft rainfall...sheer magic!!
Oh how I love the image this beautiful piece conjures up...:))

Magyar said...

"Y", and Lon... I thank you for your kind comments... Earth songs. _m

Jennifer Wagner said...

So nice, M...

grapeling said...

your haiku: open
as a window, or a hand
inviting in all


Magyar said...

__Welcome Jen, I value your comments. M., that 'open window' is... an overall invitation to opinionate; your verse is so well understood and appreciated. My thanks to you both_! _m

Crafty Green Poet said...

I'm beginning to think that 'senryu' and 'haiku' are false distinctions....

Magyar said...

I thank you Juliet_!
__With exception to the -sound points- that language, translatable syllable count, I will remain within that historic realm of senryu/haiku definitions... fool that I am. Smiles_!

sofy lefour said...

sympa et rapide, merci.
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