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Monday, April 18, 2016

__Outdoor venders, warmer days. Can we imagine how many pigeons may have pecked at a shiny dime_?  

lost coins 
within this vender cartway
pigeons strut 


Anonymous said...

I really like that poem of yours, for one thing, I love watching pigeons and the things that they do.

Crafty Green Poet said...

ah, all those coins ending up in the pigeons' nests?

sandy said...

Pigeons do strut - I watch them in my yard - but even more strutty are blackbirds and robins. I love how they actually walk instead of hop. They always look like they have attitude - well not the robins but the blackbirds.

always enjoy your haikus.

Jan said...

crows will treasure a shiny find
but pigeons prefer the eating kind~

very neat, _m.


Rachel said...

Hier haben die Ringeltauben die Stadt erobert.
Auch in unserem Garten brüten sie. Sie sind liederliche Nestbauer, manchmal
fallen die Eier heraus. Aber ihre Kommunikation ist gigantisch!

Lieber Magyar, ich bewundere immer wieder gern deine Beobachtungen, die du
in feine Wortgedanken setzen kannst.

LG; Rachel

Bob Bushell said...


Gwil W said...

Pigeons are strange birds. They can't seem to keep their heads still as they strut about. The strut is less conspicuous in the presence of the enemy, the seagull.

Magyar said...

I fully appreciate your comments... _m

Ygraine said...

Ha...visions of the more elite pigeons' nests lined with coins fill my head!;)
Imagine what happens when the lost coins are spotted by a magpie - all that glitters etc....
Really cool post, Doug.:))

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