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Sunday, February 10, 2013

__Twenty four inches of snow, trees down, wires down, no power... thus, no heat, no internet, no cooking, no tea; two days. A ruffle feathered Blue-jay, nature is a wonderous life-form, is it not? __Now, we are 'Hotel-ing' it at a relative's home in another town, and as I said (my comment on the last post,)  "Crocuses... 'my wishful thinking'. "

snow falls
these over laden tree limbs
a blue jay



Anonymous said...

Wow, the weather reports weren't exaggerating! Back to pioneer days, kind of...hope things ease up soon Magyar. Take care, G

Tikkis said...

global warming --
nature's saucepans cooking
some more freezing snow ...

- all this angry stuff around us.

We live in an old house and we still have a stove to warm ourselves if the electric is out.

(Our main warming come from an Mitsubishi-inverter-warming-pump. It's quite cheap to use, as in our another house there is a classic oil powered central heating. It's quite expensive and we have a plan to change it to earth-warming-pump...

But those need electric, and if no electric - no warming?

Two years ago we visited my mother-in law and due to a storm no electric for many days. Saved her deep freeze with an inverter. (Freezer takes 100 watt only.)

Powered by tractor's bic accu... :-)

I have an inverted with my longer trips to use my laptop when no electric at all.

Lorraine said...

Oh how I hate that, I'm surprised the electricy hasn't gone off yet...although it used to in my old cold cold house....hang in there Spring is on its way I can smell it ;) stay warm

Gillena Cox said...

warm wishes; good hearing from you

much love...

Iris said...

Take care, Magyar.
My warm wishes for all of you.

Magyar said...

__Thanks folks... all is now back to order.
__Geraldine... we pioneers!
__Tikkis... sounds like you have all your ducks in a row!
__LL... spring is -pushin' its way into the scheme of life. Can't wait to get back to the pond!
__Gillena... it's warmenup!
__Iris... today it reached 45 degrees F., deep sun a wonderful day!