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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Another... "33"

punctuate the newly green
a fox runs


broken limbs
tressed with infant leaves
this soft rain


Gillena Cox said...

like them both; Happy Spring

much love...

Lorraine said...

oh this smell the essence of spring is so comforting, thank you mdear Doug

Bill said...

bright morning
among the dandelions
patches of green

bright morning
the toddler picks
his first dandelion

When I read Emerson's "earth laughs in flowers" (in "Hamatreya"), I see dandelions.

bright morning
who will tell the dandelion
it's a weed

I like both of these, Doug.

Magyar said...

__Direct thanks to you... Gillena, LL, and to Bill... Your 'echoes' are grand! _m

__The dandelions seem to survive, with marathon strength.
__My post of May 5th., 2011:

this crack
in the weeping tarmac

TALON said...

We've been having a rough spring - lots of storms, damaging hail and dandelions are brave enough to face it -- yet!

Loved these, D. They made me long for a genuine Spring instead of this evil impostor we have here right now.