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Thursday, April 18, 2013

I expect, I need not preface this with an explanation.

forsythia blossoms
shine into these saddened days
the calm doves


Lorraine said...

its beautiful and sentimental and are you having bad days? I hope not...but if you are , I'll make them go away
go away
bad days
go away
bad days
go away
bad days

Gillena Cox said...

surely my plead is for peace, stop with the bombings!!!

much love...

TALON said...

Thank heavens they got the men makes me feel a huge relief for the people of Boston...and everywhere, actually.

Yes, nature's constants are a never-ending source of delight (for the most part because I'm not thrilled with the advent of snow forecast here for tomorrow!) :)

And by the by - what are friends for if not to "clutter" up my comments, D? :) Though your comments are always too thoughtful to ever be considered clutter of any sort.

Magyar said...

__LL, Gillena, and K... I truly appreciate your kind visits and comments! Lovya! _m

lora said...

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