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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Each day another chance,  another turn of the key.

on time
its pendulum still swings
the key 


Rachel said...

...und wir werden aufpassen, dass dieser Schlüssel nicht verloren geht!!!

Lieber Magyar, welch Tiefsinnigkeit heute in deinem Haiku - genial!!

Dir einen feinen Sonntag
gewünscht von mir !!!

N.s.k. warnakulasooriya said...


Gwil W said...

the clock ticks
and the pendulum swings
- slowly the weight falls

Magyar said...

__immer Rachel, die besten Wunsche, Liebe Frau_!

N, thanks, I appreciate your visit!

__Gwill, We'd never have been able to display those ticks and tocks, without gears and gravity.
>I tried but I cannot comment at your blog<


Rachel said...

Das nächste Mal klappt es bestimmt!!!

herzlichst, Rachel

Jennifer Wagner said...

"Each day is another chance"--glad for that!

Jan said...

Keep winding that lovely old clock and adding another chance for each day after~

haiku-shelf said...


This haiku works very well!