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Monday, January 18, 2016

__A sound aroused me last night, and my "newly awakened" thought was that, that clamor was the thunder of a summer storm.  Reality quickly recovered,  the thunder was the rumble of a distant snowplow. 

thunder storm
rumbles through this night


Jan said...

while the eaves
cry out in pain
with winter's icy chill~

Happy Winter's Morning..._m :)

Rachel said...

Unserer Fantasie sind keine Grenzen gesetzt,
Du zeigst dies immer wieder in der Vielfältigkeit deiner Haikus.

Meine Achtung hast du!!!

von mir zu dir...

Ygraine said...

So fascinating...that moment between sleeping and waking...when sounds are transformed by the subconcious...reanimating half-forgotten memories...
Wonderfully evocative, Doug.
I really love this! :))

Gwil W said...

Same here.

The rumble

of the day's first tram
- snow plough clearing
half an inch

Magyar, the blog is now running normally again - comments and all.

moondustwriter said...

The snowplow is a bit off key (where I live).
Very fine haiku :)

Magyar said...

__Thanks Jan, stay out of the winters chill.

Oh yes, Rachel, we cast across imagination's fence_!

__"Y" we share those awkward 'split seconds,' when the 'now' takes over.

Gwil, The Rumble, thanks; so glad your "Blog is Better"_!

__Moonie, I so often snore through, and I'm glad you liked this haiku.

I thank you all_!!!!! _m

Danièle Duteil said...

Here the storm too, but really as a summer one.

Magyar said...

__It has been a strange weather pattern these recent years, mayhaps Steven Hawking is correct_?

Thanks Daniele. Always, I fully appreciate your understanding comments_! _m

Crafty Green Poet said...

we very rarely get the amount of snow that would need snowplows, and when we do, the whole city shuts down aswe don't have snow plows...

Magyar said...

Ahhhhh.... that Gulf Stream_! Tnx. Juliet_!