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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

__I am the splash that missed this funnel's gaping mouth; free, and not locked into this bottle of someone elses preset rules, I trickle down this glassn' side, and evaporate into my own adventure.

a free drop
travels its chosen path
the bird flys 


Jennifer Wagner said...

Yes, we all must evaporate into our own adventures!

Magyar said...

__And as the 'Evaporated' Jen, we can remain the 'Unseen'. Smiles_! _m

Gwil W said...

the genie
the stoppered bottle

Bob Bushell said...

Beautiful haiku.

Gisele LeBlanc said...

Lovely, and leaves plenty of room for reflexion. :)

joo said...

Love this haiku! Thanks for the your comment in my blog - it's so good to be here again.

Rachel said...

Lieber Magyar,
fantastisch durchdacht. Und meine Gedanken regt es an.
Dir ein gutes Wochenende

Magyar said...

__That pop of the cork, Gwil.
Bob, always my thanks, and too... for your grand photos.
__Joo, so good to see and your posts again, you've been missed.
Gisele, your kind thoughts... cause inner smiles, nifty.
__Rachel, to speak of thoughts, yours and mine seem so often parallel.

Thanks Friends... I fully appreciate your kind comments_!

Jan said...

free falling
until it reaches
the climax of its journey~

Good Afternoon, _m.
I always enjoy your blog :}

Magyar said...

one moment
in that space of comments
sonic boom

__Thanks for your "Visit-Verse", Jan. Neat_!

Iris said...

Dear Magyar,
I love your haiku and all your visits and comments on my blog.
You are charming and mindful.
All the best
Iris ;)

Ygraine said... this conjures up such a powerful sense of freedom.
Just out of reach...but more than an adventure in my dreams!
Wonderful!! :))

Bob Bushell said...

Pure and lovely.

Magyar said...

And ooooh_!!!
__My additional and appreciated thanks to Iris, "Y", and to "BB"_! Interested in great bird photos (?) please visit "Forest of Dean" Bob's blog! _m

Danièle Duteil said...

To each his way , and the world will live in peace .

Magyar said...

Thank you Daniele_! The paths we choose.

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