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Thursday, January 21, 2016

__This is a recent comment left at a site I visit often, Tinywords;  the lantern on that caboose,  is the last viewpoint of this night's train. _m

the last train
leaves a darkened depot
its lantern


Rachel said...

Ein Zug verlässt das Depot,
wo er hin will, wir wissen es nicht.
Schnell ist die Nacht wieder still,
doch noch immer leuchtet sein Licht.

Lieber Magyar,
danke für deine Haiku-Gedanken zu meinem Gedicht.
Du bist darin ein großer Meister - wie immer!!!

Liebe Grüße

Magyar said...

__My inept translation of Rachel's poetic comment.

A train leaves the depot
Where it is to go, we never know.
The night is quickly quiet again,
But still, we see its light.

__I thank you Rachel_!

Ygraine said...

Very very evocative, Doug!
That lingering light...when the train has departed...shimmering like a ghostly aura that plays with the imagination...
Magical! :)

Have a fabulous weekend! :))

Jan said...

Waving goodbye in the night
until the darkness covers all...

Sad and beautiful, _m.

Gillena Cox said...

holding to the light, a nice moment Magyar

Happy you dropped in at my Sunday Lime today

much love...

moondustwriter said...

solemn and a bit sad
like an old story whose pages are torn

Hope you guys are staying warm and safe - this storm was a good opener for 2016

Magyar said...

__I truly thank >youz guyze< as today's common vernacular would have it, I thank you__ "Y", Jan, Gillena, and Moonie__for seeing beyond_!

train tracks
reach to here and there
a return


Margie said...

Always a pleasure to read your poetry!

Happy New Year!

Magyar said...

__Hello Margie, good to hear from you and I thanks for your comment;
please extend my hellos to "you know who_!" Smiles. _m

Gwil W said...

the night train
and another hobo
ghosting aboard

Magyar said...

wheels on rails
cuh-lak puh-lak cuhlak-lak
new cities

Thanks Gwil_! _m

Magyar said...

... and it may never return.

voyance par mail gratuit said...

I thank God I can still pick an apple off my tree and eat it on the spot without having to worry about chemicals.