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__I see with young eyes, an old mirror. Here, I hope to offer... as I see.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

__I am a Student of haiku, of any ten I have written there may be -one- of humble quality. I shall become a Master, when among those ten there are -eleven- worthy of praise.

their sun song fills
longer days

__At the feeder, as the days lengthen, spring's taunt. _m


Gwil W said...

Bird feeder cobwebbed
Sunflower seeds
Growing old

joo said...

For me you are Master! I'm always looking forward to your new haiku.

Rachel said...

Lieber Magyar,
bitte keine falsche Bescheidenheit!!!! Du bist ein großer Meister der Haikus!!!!
Deine Heikus erzählen Geschichten, regen die Fantasie an und vermitteln sogar Poesie.

Also weiter so, ich freue mich immer wieder!!!

Liebe Grüße

Magyar said...

Thanks friends!
__Eleven of ten is an impossibility, and yet it should be every student's goal; each student seeks inner satisfaction, and that satisfaction is often reached through a truthful view of reality. _m

Ygraine said...

I say, "Bring on those longer days!"
A Master always...none of these are "humble"...all are masterpieces that make me see with new eyes...:))
Thank you so much for brightening my days...

Magyar said...

I thank you "Y" for understanding; "Bring on those longer days!"
__In my truthful view of reality, I am, without pomp at ease with that which I do, yet I strive to reach another level. >Failure< to achieve that level, is not held as a >failure< but as a spur to reach another gait. _m

Danièle Duteil said...

We are all learners.
Do you have cardinals in your country ? I saw these birds in La Réunion.

Magyar said...

"Dani," we have a lot of cardinals here_!
___Thanks for your visit, Daniele, and of your comment, we all learn. _m

sandy said...

oh, ....beautiful ...i don't know anything about haiku but I know what reads as beautiful.

Crafty Green Poet said...

Beautiful! I'd love to see cardinals in real life!

Magyar said...

__Thank you Sandy... pleas feel free to visit again!
__Juliet I appreciate your visits. Oh... I'd love to see a Straw Tail; yearns, keep us moving onward.