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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

__Here, two days ago, it was -10 F  (-23C); today it reached +55 F  (+12C), one wonders.

the climate
minus ten to fifty plus


Jan said...

Global Warming, anyone?
Great, _m.
To be truthful...I also thought of the hot air we get from the politicians being a contributer, too :)

Rachel said...

Lieber Magyar,
ja, es sind die Menschen, die die Welt momentan auf den Kopf stellen.
Und warum soll das Wetter dann nicht auch machen, was es will, lächel...

Dir einen kühlen Kopf und ein warmes Herz, damit wir noch ganz viel
lesen dürfen von dir!!!!

von der Rachel

joo said...

More than right! As usually love your words:)

Magyar said...

Thank you my friends, Jan Rachel and Joo for your understanding comments_! _m

Leslie Moon said...

Its ping pong I tell you. Stay warm and safe

Magyar said...

... and we are holding the paddles.
__Thanks. So good to see you Moonie_! _m

Danièle Duteil said...

Global worming ? Keep a cool head !

Bill said...

Before global warming comes global weirding. All part of the same story.

Ygraine said...

Just like all changeable, it's best not to rely upon them! lol
Seems we have the same thing here...had been the mildest winter on record - today, the coldest day!
Crazy!! :/
Have a Great Weekend.:))

Magyar said...

__"Dani" and "Y"... 'tis strangeness that we see, yet we see with optimistic eyes.

__Bill, Global Weirding_! Our globe may soon become a cube; we need to smooth all the "corners".

__Thanks, my friends!_m

Gwil W said...

Tomorrow (21st Feb) will see 20 C in Vienna (in the shade).

Crafty Green Poet said...

and I thought our weather was changeable!

Magyar said...

__Juliet, 'tis odd... soon, we may need to become -The Survivalists-; Gwilym, that is a comfortable summer temperature_. Friends, I thank for your visits. _m

Blogoratti said...

Strange indeed, the way the weather does its thing.