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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Of course, the pen_  is not a sty.

as sap flows
stories cling to each branch
the birds pen


JFM said...

spring writes
the story
with life's blood and quill~

and you, _m, write with great talent~

Happy Sunday,

Gwil W said...

noisy the birds
in the apricot blossom
patient the peach

"stories cling to each branch" - lovely lines.

Bob Bushell said...

Love and birds, love them.

Rachel said...

Lieber Magyar,

der Frühling sprießt mit deinen gekonnt durchdachten Worten, ja, so schön...

LG, Rachel

Bill said...

I like the flow-cling connection. It sums up so much of the haiku experience, both for reader and for writer.

Magyar said...

__Keep using your quill, Jan, Ich danke euch tief, liebe Rachel!
Thanks Gwilym and Bob, ahh those birds_!
__Bill, such inner sight_!
Flow to the future; as we cling to the now; yesterday.

__I thank you all. _m

joo said...

I love the notion of bird's pen!

Magyar said...

Thanks Joo, the birds have stories too! Smiles_!

Magyar said...

To note all that may see this note:
__Devica Jyothi, Abstract Deductions... stopped posting on or about 11/18/2014. I check often, and found that since apx 3/12/16, Devica began posting again. Seemingly, though, comments cannot be made thereon... Devica's choice. _m

Optimistic Existentialist said...

The birds certainly write some amazingly beautiful music...

Magyar said...

Welcome Kieth.
__Thank you for your visit and comment. _m

Ygraine said...

Oh to have the ability to read all the birds have's carried in the sap...wish, wish the same could be said for my life-blood!

So beautiful...:)

sandy said...

another beauty by you. Just the fact that you saw sap as a writing medium for the birds is so cool! Makes me so curious to read their stories.

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