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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

__The rains end, flowers and butterflies _m

this final drop
a pool of sun filled rings


Lorraine Renaud said...

Really DD we're expecting more snow, yours if lovelier :)

Gwil W said...

In the Alps they have orange snow. They say it comes from the Sahara. Here in the flatlands we woke up to a covering of orange dust.

JFM said...

You have painted a lovely picture
with only these few lines...
a truly beautiful Haiku _m.

Bill said...

I love the vividness of that second line.

Leslie Moon said...

That's one big spring drop and a windy one at that.

clouds fill tulips
nature watches spring's flurry
winds dance in forest

Magyar said...

__LL, Jan and Moonie, Gwilym and Bill... I thank you happily, for your visits and comments.

Bob Bushell said...

Perfect haiku, thanks Magyar.

joo said...

Beautiful haiku!

Magyar said...

Thanks Joo and Bob!
__As the seasons change to the better: die verwandlung.

Ygraine said...

Your rain has stopped?
As we usually get whatever you've had, here's hoping then that the rain here will finally stop!*smiles*
Although I do love the sun filled rings...just wish we could have a little less of them...LOL

Bring on the swallowtails!!!

Have a fabulous weekend! :))

sandy said...

Swallowtails will be at the lake soon - maybe now - but's it's been raining so i haven't been over there. I always enjoy your haikus. Have a great weekend!

Linda said...

This is beautiful!

Magyar said...

__As always, I appreciate your kind comment "Y"; and Sandy, and I'm glad you enjoy my scribbles_!
_Linda welcome, and I thank you for your kind comment_!

Anonymous said...