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Sunday, April 3, 2016

__These early 'forsythia flakes', as seen through a cloud of 'snowblossoms'. Well that's backwards, and yes the flowers are there... but it's snowing!
__I'll try again, 'forsythia blossoms', as seen behind this cloud of 'snowflakes'. Those sharp yellow blooms just seemed to spear their way through that snowfall. Smiles_!

forsythia spears
with their sharp yellow blooms
a snow shower


Gwil W said...

another one
of nature's little jokes
she likes to play

Bob Bushell said...


Jennifer Wagner said...

Snow?! April can be so silly! Still, that is a wondrous sight!

haiku-shelf said...

Well, spring time is a playful time. A lot of surprise, a lot of change.
A day before no blossoms, no leaves. And then ...

I do like all these spring colors.

And Forsythia brings a special yellow.

joo said...

Ilove it!

Magyar said...

__Jen, April weather yes, has always been coo-coo, those transfer days.
__Angelika, so good to see you... as we listen to the spring buds stretching_!
__Joo, I'm glad you like what I scribble, from what I feel.
__Gwilym, a new laugh... every day.
__Your photos have it Bob!

I thank you all! _m

Ygraine said...

The very best kind of spring...when flower spikes refuse to be subdued.
I "see" your words clearly in my mind's eye...those gorgeous yellow spikes...rising up out of the snow.
Magical vision.:))

Magyar said...

Thanks "Y".
__We are now caught in that "seasonal debate" as the "Atmospheric Politicians" strive to "obtain office". As I see it, the "Balmy Party" appears to have taken advantage, and will soon... "as-summer control"_! (assume?) _m

JFM said...

to pierce
winter's last hurrah!!!

Hi, _m. Always a neat place to visit.


Magyar said...

I thank you Jan.
__One of the things I'll not forget_? Due to your invariable blog adjustments, you are never boring_! Smiles_!

JFM said...

Well, I may be slowing down a little...I'm running out of ideas :)

Lorraine Renaud said...

oh beautiful, let it rain down on me DD

Crafty Green Poet said...

lovely to see flowers in the snow

Magyar said...

I thank you Juliet and LL, good to see you both_! _m

sandy said...

I've now put your link in two places - so I am assured of seeing your recent posts.

I love this one - because - .... as a child in Kansas near KC - one of my fondest memories is when the forsythia would bloom. There was a standing joke I remember in my family that my dad had a problem pronouncing forsythia - or maybe he pretended to and pronounced it forthythia.

anyway, your haiku brings up such fond memories. On our mountain highway we have Spanish Broom blooming (which is an invasive plant and the county isn't fond of it I guess)...anyway, even though it doesn't look the same - i always think of forsythia. Right now it's blooming beautiful. I will in the next day or so post some on my nature blog.

Magyar said...

Ohhh... Sandy you made me blush_!

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