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Saturday, May 28, 2016

__Summer wars; as fingers counter attack; the hand slap.  From one of my old scribble books.

mosquito attack
a sharp lance to the nape
five strike


Ygraine said...

...and still they never learn, do they?
I guess the hunger is too strong...the instinct irresistible...;)

Beautifully evocative of a downside of summer! *smiles*

Sandy said...

Haven't experienced it yet this season. The poem is much better than the real thing!

Jennifer Wagner said...

My husband and my youngest son are magnets for the things! I hope you win the war this summer :-)

Bob Bushell said...

Beautiful haiku, it's where you are heart is.

Gillena Cox said...

they are such pesky creatures, and alwaysseem to be around you at the wrong time
Nice haiku

much love...

sandy said...

It's odd but I haven't seen a mosquito up here in the mountains - yet.