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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

__With my inability to properly categorize haiku/senryu within their modernistic senses, I'll simply label this as maiku; some may see it as senryu, while others might call it haiku, and I'm sure many would term this... junk.  Other opinions, supersede mine. 
__Time's changes are -suddenly seen- as indicated below:

old log cabin
hidden in these ancient woods
a satellite dish


Sandy said...

Whatever, it made me laugh!

Magyar said...

I appreciate your thoughts, Sandy_!
__There is always present (and often comical) that juxtaposition of time as the new tries to supplant the old. _m

Ygraine said...

Sad fact of creeps in everywhere, doesn't it?;)
Oh how I'd love to be there in that old log cabin...but I couldn't survive without my TV!! lol

Rachel said...

Also Schrott ist es keinesfalls.
Mich spricht es total an, ich sehe das Blockhaus mitten in der Natur.
Nun ja, die Technik nimmt ihren Waldlauf, lächel...

Lieber Magyar,
von Herzen liebe Grüße

Gwil W said...

Fomo is a new acronym. It means frightend of missing out.

The need to know
Camouflaged in the trees
The brown dish

Magyar said...

__Resting in the old, aware of the new. _m

this empty nest
within the brownng tree
life collects

Magyar said...

Friends, my thanks for your kind visits and comments! _m
__Yes "Y" the new and the old must meld. A rational view_!
__Rachel, you've seen that "Blockhaus"_! Vielen Dank_!
__Gwilym, our essential need, knowing what IS_!

Rachel said...

Ja, ich sah es, lächel, danke....

sandy said...

wonderful mix of old and new!

Magyar said...

I thank you all_! _m

Adelaide said...

We can't get away from technology, can we. I like the contrast in this one.


Magyar said...

__I appreciate your visit and understanding commwnt Adelalde. _m