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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

__Other pathways;  carried pollen that recreates, the steeping of honey. 

sun dried blooms
they dart to sweeter blossoms
honey bees


Jan said...

powdered pools
in which to dive
then back to the apiary
to share with the hive~

Love honey, so I love Honey Bees, too :)

wonderful, _m.

Sandy said...

I was just thinking about honey bees!

little bee
always on the move
orange baggage

Bill said...

Oh for a bee's experience
Of clover
And of noon

(Emily Dickinson)

Magyar said...

__I thank you Bill and Sandy, and the gone again Jan. Smiles _m

Jan said...

no...that's "back again Jan", _m :)

Crafty Green Poet said...

I think it's amazing how bees can tell which flowers are empty of nectar

Magyar said...

Thanks Juliet, nature's wonders_!

bee's sense
passes by the sour blooms
bank deposit

__ Of course, that 'bank' is the 'hive'.

sandy said...

love the visual! nice.