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Sunday, July 17, 2016

__Silly perhaps, but one often wonders to where... moral reality has gone. _m

__I was a ten year old Cub Scout aspiring to become a Boy Scout, when I asked my Mom and Dad if I could begin to carry a pocket knife. At that time we all knew and valued the differences between tools and weapons, the hammer,  a saw,  an axe,  or a knife, and on and on, and on. In a short period of time,  I was given the nod from Dad and Mom, and received their approval to carry that tool; that was sixty-four years ago.

deep questions
in the forest of the young
a broad trail

__I became that 'Scout' and carried my pocket knives through these many years.  But now, as things are in the "crippling days," before I leave my home place, I'm sure to set my pocket knife on the 'dry-sink'... pedantically I leave it home.  Paranoia seeps in, as I'd not wish to be seen using that tool,  then replacing that knife to my pocket.  I could easily be charged with the feloniously concealing of a harmful and deadly weapon. Paranoia sires Pedanticism!

this trail narrows
in moral reality
history lost


Gwil W said...

One time at airport security the guy who just happened to by an Arab in front of me at queue was found to have a box of half a dozen sharp looking steak knives. He was taken to one side and I didn't see him again. I heard his words of explanation: I've just bought them at Harrods. I'm a chef in a hotel and I need them for my work.

Anonymous said...

I truly understand what you're talking about.

Apart from knives, now if a parent gets caught disciplining their child with a little swat on the butt that parent can be sentenced for child abuse, I believe, which I feel gives some children the thought that they can walk all over their parents seeing their parents can't do a damn thing about it!

Some of the things that are happening in our society today, I truly don't understand.

Jan said...

today, most all of us live in paranoia
those who do not are usually the cause of it
children today live lives entirely different from my childhood days
a simple knife for a scout for "survival training" in the woods...took much thought
today...pulling the trigger to kill for no reason, takes no thought at all~

Magyar said...

Thanks to you Gwil and Lon!

__In a way... I'm at ease in seeing that sometimes the innocents cause interest; therein we can sense, at least, minimal protective contact_?

Magyar said...

Thanks to you too, Jan. Stay with us.

Jan said...

Thank you, _m. I would like that~

Crafty Green Poet said...

I think part of the problem nowadays is that many children aren't taught how to respect or understand the utility of tools like knives, another skill we're losing.

Magyar said...

Thank you Juliet, I truly appreciate your understanding as we agree_!
__As I have said, technology sense has deleted common sense.

all roads cross
in technology's forest

veredit - isabella kramer said...

I fear this hatred is like a cancer on our society minus a cure.

as far as the eye reach
glowing poppies
what is the color of peace?

Magyar said...

So good to see you here Isabella_! Especially with that fine gift of your verse_!
__If they that care, those of love and not hate, were able to atone the hateful sans that fear of causing 'non-politically correct' damages to their loved ones and to our all human family, all would be well. The Humane Family is the cure, but sometimes, we may need to use mosquito balm... to keep those cadgers away. _m

veredit - isabella kramer said...

I absolutely agree with you - family is the cure and yes sometimes we need this special balm against

best regards

Sandy said...

I totally agree with you. How we deal with life has changed so much with the last generations.
You words expressed what so many of us are thinking.

Ygraine said...

Absolutely...history lost indeed...and I find that really sad!

Just the other day, Austin and I were in a gift shop and a screw fell out of his sunglasses, so the arm fell off.
Well, I always carry a tiny penknife for emergencies exactly like this.
But, you should have seen the looks I was given by other people in the shop when I took out my knife to make the could have been forgiven for thinking I was some sort of murderer!!
Yep...sad old world this has become...:/

Have a great day, Doug.:))

sandy said...

omg - this is a bittersweet weaving of words representing a nostalgic past with a worrisome present. well done! and feels so true anymore.

vegahelp said...

My nephew has just begun his scouting career and spent his second week at camp. He loves knives and (I suppose) the image of manly power they used to represent: independence, protection, status, utility.

It amazes me how most tools have lost their meaning as the knowledge of how to use them has eroded away. Instead, they are seen through the narrow lens of aggressive force and domination.