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Thursday, August 4, 2016

__A student says, I have much to learn;  a master responds,  I have learned... how little I know.   We learn to learn.

yesterdays' mind
searches the earth and clouds


Magyar said...

__Continuous blog difficulties; it may be time to steer another course, or to just anchor this ship.

Jan said...

yesterday I knew it all
today was smart and called my bluff
by tomorrow my age will have forgotten it all
and each day thereafter will be "old" new stuff~

Hi, _m...sorry you keep having problems with your blog~

Anonymous said...

Beautifully written!

Ygraine said...

So we strive and strive to learn...then when we think we've finally grasped it...we find there are only more questions...:/

A frustrating fact of life, methinks!

Do so hope you get your blog problems sorted real soon. Believe me, I can fully sympathise...

Have a fabulous weekend! :))

Magyar said...

__ I thank you all, Jan, Dark Witch (Lon)... those gone again. I thank you "Y", always so good to see you! _m