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Monday, August 1, 2016

__Recently, I thought I had seen two TV shows entitled 'Big Bother;' I was incorrect, I had actually watched two political conventions.  But, as academic politicos continually imply, my ineptitude is due to my lower intellect, that of the proletariat. Perhaps the Orwellian era has arrived_?

the first lie
is the final truth
they that say



Magyar said...

Mis-spelling, intended. _m

Jan said...

the trouble is...I haven't enough money to "buy the truth"
so I must stay poor and live in reality...

as usual, _m, a great post~

John M said...

I'm afraid of what will happen with the future president, either candidate.

Ygraine said... THEY believe they have the higher intellect...I have long had my doubts about that...
Don't think I'd buy the truth, even if I could afford to...would feel too much a Pyrrhic victory!

A monumental post, as always, Doug.:))