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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Just two obstructions to finding the truth. This, from 2011

__ Politics is a mound of sand, and its truth, a single grain within that hill; our hope is to find one grain of hidden truth.

we seek
that single grain of truth
winds rise

__ Politics, is a river that deposits myths on the far shore, and fantasies on the near, while its truth rushes onward to deeper seas.

truth of lies
in the roil of tidal waves
we swimmers



Gwil W said...

Wise words. I shall memorize them. Many thanx.

Jan said...

You are wise, _m.

Sandy said...

This has been a strange year in more ways than one.

Magyar said...

__ I truely thank you all: Gwilym, Lon, Jan and Sandy. I'm trying deeply to be "Politically Correct," and not use words or phrases that could be twisted out of context.
__ The politicos seem to imply, through their dramatic "stage-show" rhetoric, that only THEY know what WE need, and that WE have not aquired the proper education to be aware of... what WE need. _m

sandy said...

this says in a few words what i feel.