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Monday, October 10, 2016

__ This echo, was generated by Jan's recent Halloween post and painting. _m

darkened candle
relit by an unseen guest
scent of pine


Magyar said...

__ Spellings are so similar; here, is it -guest- or -ghost-? I -gauge- one needs to -guess-? Smiles_! _m

Jan said...

am I the writer
or the ghost-writer
am I ethereal
or real?

can one tell...after all
you only have my word that
I am filled with Halloween spirit
or maybe I am The Spirit of Halloween~

Trick-or-Treat!!! _m ;}

Lisa Isabella Russo said...

That is lovely and mysterious!

Bob Bushell said...


Rachel said...

In deinen kurzen Gedanken hinterlässt du eine Flut von Bildern und Emotionen.
Danke, du Lieber. Immer wieder lese ich gern bei dir.

Liebe Grüße

Jennifer Wagner said...

Scary! But I do like the scent of pine :-)

sandy said...

I'm enjoying catching up here - love this haiku.

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