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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

__ Once in a while during this month, a wee bit of Halloween humor.

They're out there!
__ Zombies' maze, and through their cluttered hollows, ions seep from void to void, as protons and electrons mesmerize and hypnotize each vapored mind into a cell of bland haze.

cell phone
casts this mystic spell
wraiths roam


baili said...

best wishes for the new week ,have blessed one

Jan said...

You are amazing, _m!

the atmosphere is filled with "stuff" that alters our brains...which BTW, is a favorite food of our favorite neighborhood Zombies ;)

Magyar said...

__ Thanks friends; >some< folks are so enthralled, and "mind-fastened" by their cellular screens, I can only view them as 'technocaptives'. Smiles_! _m

Bill said...

The state of being always on call is surely a kind of confinement.

Sandy said...

More than a little bit scary.

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