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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

__  We learn new things in every dizzy swell of leaves, then a wobbly puppy.

days glean 
wisdom from this collage
fallen leaves

breezy leaves
within that continued whirl
a puppy chases


Jan said...

puppy howls
hidden in a dervish
of windblown
autumn leaves~

love this, _m!!!

Gwil W said...

happy puppy
chasing autumn leaves
the ball forgotten

Magyar said...

Jan and Gwilym, I thank you! _m

grapeling said...

something about Fall
leaving all to the cold ground
where silence awaits

Magyar said...

__ When there are 68 visitors and few comments, there must be some reality coming to the forefront; time to keep my mind-thoughts in that "empty" place; time to say again that all I write is fiction, even my truisms I list as such; mayhaps, I should just shut down entirely and that reality is... I'd not be among the

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