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Sunday, October 16, 2016

__ New days, perhaps the branches are never empty?

morning light
within these empty branches
a blue jay



Jan said...

sky light
empty nests in sight
that branches in silhouette, hold onto tight
in the icy wind of a winter's night~

your haiku is so beautiful, _m that I wanted to add my thoughts~

Magyar said...

__ Thank you Jan! Your rhymned verse proves, your idea 'nest' is not 'empty'! _m

Mother Wintermoon said...

Oh, I love this one Magyar, and the question at the beginning, which I find inspirational and full of hope. Perhaps the branches are never empty. Indeed! Best wishes, MW

Gwil W said...

never empty branches once
were reaching to the stars
tonight old wood will spark

Crafty Green Poet said...

lovely to find a blue jay in a tree you thought to be empty

Magyar said...

Truthful, the branches are never empty.
__ In the Winter 'tis snow; in the Spring, the buds; in the Summer, growing life; in Autumn the fruits. As Gwilym writes, even in the dark of night the 'empty' limbs are 'full' of stars. Always, there those 'dreams,' and the birds.
__ I offer my additional appreciation... Mother Witherspoon, Gwilym, and Juliet, as I thank you for your visits and comments. _m

Bill said...

an oldie:

the difference
a sparrow makes . . .
bare branches

Magyar said...

__ Thanks and Smiles, Chief!

signatures left
by the traveling sparrows
a fresh rain


sandy said...

beautiful! Soon I will see this.

ABQ Annie said...

Hello old friend! Nice to see you are still writing haiku.

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