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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Departure 21

A leaf falls
And settles into
The fallen.

Through calm and storm,
Seasons steep

This tea
_that feeds the trees
___from which it came,
_____follows an infinite purpose;

More leaves fall.


Jennifer Wagner said...

Very nice, evocative, seasonal piece, M.

Sandy said...

So in tune with this! I enjoy the way you think.

Magyar said...

I thank you both, Jennifer and Sandy!
__ Just one of those "value cycles" we see in natures plan, red buds become green leaves, to Autumn colors, then they rejoin the soils of earth; the imaginative reality of nature's plan recycles all things. _!

Ygraine said...

So beautifully, deeply moving.
The cycle of Nature...endlessly spiraling...and carrying us along with it.
Oh how I love this, has touched my Soul...:))

Danièle Duteil said...

A very poetic series!

sandy said...

Sometimes i look out my window and see the yellow hearts falling from the tree. The tree blooms in spring with lilac colored blossoms and in fall leaves turn green then yellow and are heart shaped. Your poem evokes thoughts of this tree.

I think it's some kind of wild lilac.

I love this tree and its' smells in spring and its' beauty in fall.

Love your poem.

Magyar said...

Is it not true that, the old give life to the new ?
__ "Y", Daniele, and Sandy, I'm so glad you've seen, as I see; the dark, brings light of every day_!


baili said...

as growing with everyday that i spend with my family i sometime when sit alone feel like a leaf that is about to fall .
then my heart whispers that did not i enjoy my hangout with tree of life and did not i experienced an existence of a successful creature .
smile twinkles in my eyes then

Lisa Isabella Russo said...

I love this, it is so beautiful.

rosy123 said...

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