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Friday, November 11, 2016

__ Soon Thanksgiving will be with us; in giving thanks we must all light our candle,  in union.  _m

snow flake
as we light our candle
one match


Ygraine said...

How utterly delightful!
The match...the candle...the snowflake...and my consciousness in the centre of them all, totally enchanted...:)

Have a Magical Weekend. :))

Magyar said...

The 'ones' and their contrary communion; light may calm the hot and cold.
__ So good to see you "Y". I was concerned but now I'm at ease. Smiles_! _m

baili said...

mesmerizing .
have bl;essed days ahead

Bill said...

deep winter . . .
lighting a candle
from a candle

carol l mckenna said...

Lighting a candle
across the wide ocean
one world

Thanks for visiting ~ grateful ~

Gwil W said...

the soldier said
let there be light
and there was light

in the war soldiers would light their cigarettes with lucifer matches
and the third light was said to be unlucky because by then a sniper
would have drawn his bead . . .

Magyar said...

__ Oooooo, I thank you baili, Carol, Bill and Gwilym for your visits and kind comments_!
__ Ahh, such common sense needed to use the sparky Lucifer matches, those 'TINDER' boxes!

Strange, the ancient word for fire among the native American Unami clan is 'TINDEY', among the Nanticoke it's 'TIND'.

Bob Bushell said...

Beautiful Magyar.

Sandy said...

Yes, very beautiful!

sandy said...

this is so beautiful.

rosy123 said...

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