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Sunday, January 29, 2017

__ To allow goodness, set a free but guarded weave.   _m

time's new cloth
goodness lingers in that weave
a loose loom


Jan said...

may the good flow through
may the bad be caught within
dreamcatcher watch over us~


Good Morning _m.
your lovely words today made me think of a dreamcatcher~

Magyar said...

___ Another weave, mayhaps the spider will bind the foul. Good thought Jan, and often we must be the -spiders-.

Lorraine Renaud said...

Goodness lingers in you always, missed you DD, decided I don't want to sell anything, I just miss my friend so I thought at least one visit a week,won't break me, and I always love what i see in your word :)

Ashi said...

Your lines Magyar trigger these lines
goodness lingers in the cloth
you gave away freely
farewells without tears
probably not what you thought though :)

Sandy said...

As a weaver, I understand that you need a light hand to do a good job. You can tell what I am thinking about today!

Jennifer Wagner said...

Somehow this speaks to me of being flexible. At times we need to bend in order not to break!

Magyar said...

So good to know, and to see, that you are OK; you are missed by many, LL_!
__ Jens, I see an echo left to be a complement, as a compliment, and I deeply thank you_! The
light hand, Sandy... that fine weave of diplomacy of which you speak; the "bend in order not to break" that Jen has so well added_!

our minds
behind the same targe
peace shield

> Targe, from where came the word, targeT; targe, a shield that deflects all arrows of
hate. <

Lorraine Renaud said...

So sorry DD i don't a blog on your woof???