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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

__ A minimal re-write of my comment at Juliet's "Crafty Green Poet" blog.  One question remains: did I spell caws incorrectly?

their cause about the people
crows debate


Jan said...

caws is the word I would use
I love crows but they make a lot of noise just like the politicians
and I can't understand them either 📢📣🎧

Magyar said...

__ Politicians have... ahem, a cause; crows have the caws. Tnx Jan. _m

Bob Bushell said...

Too true.

Magyar said...

Thank you for your comment Bob! _m
__ I need to step away from the poison of politics -but- todays post... ?

Crafty Green Poet said...


Audrey Maurice said...

Merci pour tout ce travail que cela représente et pour tout le plaisir que j’y trouve
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