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Thursday, March 23, 2017

__ At the age of fifteen, one of the many things I didn't know was... how little I'd know... when I reached the age of seventy-five. " The shadow knows_!"  _m

back arched
this kitten threatens its foe
shadow's hiss


Sandy said...

I can just see that! This one made me laugh.

Magyar said...

__ I Thank you Sandy, we sometimes snarl at our own shadows... the "left behinds" that follow us_!

sandy said...

just today i showed my cat a mirror - she backed up, looked at me and called me a jerk for teasing her. I like your haiku.

Jan said...

_m, I wanted to thank you introducing me to all of your wonderful haiku's and in thanks I wrote this haiku for you...

words with a heartbeat
feelings deep within his soul
a true author knows~


Have a lovely weekend~

Magyar said...

Mountains Nature, Sandy, thanks!
__ I like the attitudes some cats display; paws up, and tightened skin raises the hair.

Magyar said...

My truthful thanks Jan, and a deeper response at your blog... glad its working again. _m

Gwil W said...

When I was 15 I thought I knew everything worth knowing.
Now on the doorstep of 70 I know everything isn't worth knowing.

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