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Saturday, March 18, 2017

__ The sight of time within a forest walk, and too, your imagination may hear yesterday.

stone walls
in paintings of gathered years
moss time


Jan said...

old castle towers
portraits of ancient royalty
linchen covered~

this is what I pictured when I read your wonderful haiku _m. ­čĆ░

Jan said...

Stupid tablet changed lichen to linchen!!! I wish it wouldn't help me so much :)

Crafty Green Poet said...

I like the idea of moss time

Magyar said...

__ Jan and Juliet, your visits and comments are always a pleasure; I thank you both. _m

Gwil W said...

These mossy surprises in forests. I know them. Silent witnesses.

Magyar said...

__ Silent witnesses: imagine the history in eace stone's memory, softened some by the moss and mold. I'm thankful for your thoughts Gwilym. _m

Sandy said...

old homestead
crumbled cellar walls and

A real place on our ranch in Oklahoma.
We used to walk down every spring to see the flowers.
I recently learned that it was a Cherokee homestead.

Magyar said...

Ahhhhh the memoriez_!
__ I thank you for your harmonious echo, Sandy! _m

sandy said...

so beautiful - makes me want to take a walk in the forest - I just need to step outside. It's been beautiful in the mountains here but windy.

Rachel said...

Lieber Magyar,
ich mag solche Zeitzeugen sehr, als ich noch arbeiten ging, war ich nicht nur die Leiterin der Bibliothek und des Museums, ich war auch Stadtf├╝hrerin. Immer wenn ich im Klosterhof die fast zwei Meter dicke Mauer erkl├Ąrte, dann war das Faszinierendste f├╝r mich der darin ├╝ber Jahrzehnte verwachsene Efeu, St├Ąmme so dick wie ein Baum... M├Âge Gott die Menschen zur Vernunft bringen, damit unsere sch├Âne Welt erhalten bleibt.

Dir ein gutes Wochenende, ein sonnenreiches
herzlichst, Rachel

Magyar said...

Thank you Rachel_!
__ We must all protect our green... stone moss, to trees and brush, weeds and grass... the 'we' of 'now' will leave the Earth, but 'they' of 'then' will inherit that, that we leave behind.

Rachel said...

Ja, du hast recht, irgendwann gehen wir, doch die Erde bleibt. Unsere Aufgabe bleibt, sie zu sch├╝tzen, sie zu bewahren. Unsere Kinder und Enkel werden es uns danken...

TALON said...

Just beautiful!