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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

__ As we strolled  through the graveyard,  a rabbit kit watched our steps... quietly.

on this stone
our names not yet etched
the kits eyes   


Jennifer Wagner said...

The young kit and the graveyard are juxtaposed nicely in your poem, M.

Jan said...

headstone inscription
from nee to eternity
silence and stillness 💮

Just my thoughts in a Haiku after your beautiful and inspiring words _m. You are the one that got me interested in Haikus!!! It's all your fault :) That's my story and I'm sticking to it~

Crafty Green Poet said...

nice image and thought provoking too

Ashi said...

On this stone, we stand
Remember forever us
At least for ten years
Well for me and my soulmate, we have no intention of letting the world know where we are, so no stone 😉


vegahelp said...

Tellingly, I envision Marty looking at the picture showing "here lies... died September 7, 1885," Great Scott!

Magyar said...

__ I thank you all, your visits and knowing comments are important to me! _m

Sandy said...

caught napping
on the sun warmed stone
a new life

Adelaide said...

neglected graveyard
remembered each spring
with wildflowers

I love old graveyards and try to imagine the lives of those who lived long ago.


Magyar said...

__ Too, I thank you both Sandy and Adelaide... I always, fully appreciate echo comments. _m

baili said...

Stone beside my grave speaks behalf me .
I wonder how you heard so easily that i tried to tell you when i was able to speak for myself