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Friday, May 26, 2017

__ This, my minor rewrite of a comment left long ago at -Drops of Ink- July of 2016:  'tis a wonder,  that which can be found within the crusts.  _m

the brain
becomes each story's oven
this pie


Gwil W said...

half baked
pie in the sky
- my mind at times


Magyar said...

... and such a maze to explore, so often found between the crusts. Smiles, Gwilym. _m

Bob Bushell said...

Perfection, the pie.

Jan said...

scrambled thoughts
come together
food for thought~

I so enjoy your talented brain's recipes _m :)

baili said...

Like you solved the mystery !

In this Life, on this earth nothing is more mysterious and complicated than "Brain "

Crafty Green Poet said...


Magyar said...

__ My thanks to you all, Juliet, Baili, Jan, and Bob, my best wishes! _m

Blogoratti said...

Beautiful to read over and over. Well done.
I hope you are well. Thanks for stopping by, best wishes!