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Friday, June 2, 2017

__ Some of that book-trophy's value, is in the search. 

estate sale
in this dusty library
a trophy


Jan said...

one man's​ dust covers
hide literary treasures
priceless knowledge~

Love your thought of looking through all those volumes of paper treasures _m 📚📖

Magyar said...

___ Thanks Jan... Nifty books!

grapeling said...

tomes hungry for eyes
entice with the purest scent:
worm-laced paper

Magyar said...

... ah yes, and that worm cave from chapter 7 to chapter 8. Thanks M. _m

Jennifer Wagner said...

I love searches (and finds) like these!

Sandy said...

My sister does estate sales. I often hear of great finds! Love that you put the joy of that into a poem.

Magyar said...

Thank you, Jen and Sandy!
___ There is far more than dollar value to the 'ware of time', to us that value is that 'care of time'. _m

Anonymous said...

:-) hidden treasures abound _M

Rosiana Monbon said...

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