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Thursday, July 20, 2017

__ This, an edit of an instant's Cinquain comment I left at Gillena's nifty blog, Lunch Break, as listed in my blog list. Yes, hear is hear as we may hear... the hammering waves;  the sands return. _m

The seas
grind stone to sand
with years of hammered waves
then move its toil from hear, to there,
to here.  


Jan/JFM said...

Well done _m!!! Love the play on words 💮

Blogoratti said...

Such a delightful one to read. Warm greetings to you!

Bob Bushell said...

lovely haiku.

Anonymous said...


Bill said...

Pleasantly playful.

baili said...

What a hard work by waves of time ,often they do same to men

Adelaide said...

Well done. An interesting way to use hear and here.


Danièle said...

I like sounds and rythm very much !

sometimes on the bow
the roar of a wave that falls
spirals of foam
women are so beautiful
in their wedding dress

Magyar said...

Friends, I extend my thanks to you all.
__ Daniele, that 'whitewater wave' is a nifty metaphor! _m

Ygraine said... eloquently expressed!
Isn't that exactly how the sea is, how it sculptures the sand and rock into ever-changing art forms?
Oh this is WONDERFUL!!

So good to be back...:))

Magyar said...

__ To yell out the feeling, WOW_! So good to see you "Y". I thank you for your visit and kind comment. Hope all is well with you and yours! _m

Crafty Green Poet said...

lovely with a rhthym like the sea itself

Gwil W said...

The sea is unstoppable. It has its own way of doing and being. Take or leave. The sea couldn't care less.

Magyar said...

__ Continued thanks, my friends!