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Sunday, October 29, 2017

__ The ghouls,  a repost from October of 2009;  one year later, a candle.  Smiles, and Boooo!

ghouls and goblins
rap rap rapping at my door

a candle
shows this pumpkins smile
the harvest


Geraldine said...

It's almost here!🐱

Nice work with setting the scene Magyar. I bet Cape Cod is one cool place on Halloween.

Hope all is well.

Magyar said...

So good to see you Geraldine, and I thank for your visit!
__ I maintain the "outdated" view of Halloween... homemade costumes and neighborhood "trick or treats," the charred cork face paint, and a "thank you" as you leave the "treating" doorway.
__ Wow, the old days. Smiles!

Rachel said...

Lieber Magyar,
du weißt ja sicher, dass ich in der DDR geboren bin. Wir kannten dieses Halloween gar nicht. An diesem Tag ist heut noch der Reformationstag. Ich bin christlich erzogen, es war und ist ja heute noch ein christlicher Feiertag. Aber jetzt laufen auch hier die Kinder von Haus zu Haus, um recht viele Süßigkeiten zu bekommen.

Dir wünsche ich eine gute neue Woche
herzlichst, Rachel

Magyar said...

__ Ah Rachel... different night... yet the Children run from house to house on that Reformation. Grand!

__ Meine besten Wunsche wurden an dich zurukgeschickt,
Rachel! _m

Gwil W said...

I've entered the annual haiku universe Halloween haiku thing. There are no prizes or entry fees and it's great fun. They publish one haiku every hour over the Halloween. There's a link to haiku universe on my blog.

Crafty Green Poet said...

excellent seasonal haiku

Magyar said...

__ Power outage from 10:00 pm, on 10/29/17 along Cape Cod canal, "The Ditch" as I call that waterway, and that power has just now returned, 10/31/17 at 0800. We'll catch-up! Tnx, _m

Ygraine said...

Oh how this fantastic haiku evokes the spirit of Halloween!
Shivers run down the entire length of my spine...:))

Gwil W said...

"Something creepy in the air, dad."

"Be quiet, son.

And eat your ghoul ash."

Have a good one, Magyar.

Magyar said...

__ Thank you all... Geraldine, Rachel, Juliet, "Y" and Gwilym: My Salute!

Rosiana Monbon said...

Mille merci pour tout.
Tu es incroyable, mille bisous pour toi.

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