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Sunday, November 5, 2017

__ As colors change, then turn to rust, the leaves travel back to nature's source; we will see them again, when they feed the greens of nature's freshened summers. _m

winds rise
as these rusted leaves travel
their time


Blogoratti said...

Change in seasons, always a delight. Greetings.

Gwil W said...

"rusted leaves travel the time"

and I reach

for my embrocation.

sandy said...

this is beautiful. Fall has been gorgeous around here with so many colors.

Adelaide said...

beautiful haiku


Ygraine said...

So beautifully expressed, Doug...the wonder of the changing season...working it's delicate magic on our Souls...
Oh how I love this! :))

Rachel said...

Lieber Magyar,
ich liebe diese Farben, diese rostigen!!! Der Herbst hat es in sich. Das Jahr verabschiedet sich mit ihm sehr facettenreich.

Dir alles Gute

herzlichst, Rachel

B'naia said...

Hi _M :-) great visual, love the colors - NB. moved blogcontent to my homepage - just letting you know. Greetings from B'naia

Crafty Green Poet said...


Sandy said...

a wild ride
on the north wind
sparrows shiver

The last storm may have carried leaves from Quebec!

Magyar said...

I thank you all... for your visits and kind comments!
__ Smiles... to ya'll_! _m