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Sunday, January 28, 2018

__ That evil number shan't consume us, or our time.  The clock tick, most near that vile number is  >6:59<  but it soon steps onward to...  seven  of the clock, that "Lucky Number!"
__ That "Lucky Number," blocks the dire devil digits, and if we attack, and subtract this "Lucky Number Seven" from that Satanic 666, what do we suppose our numerical remainder will be?   >?<

time's path
with each new tick of life
a symbol  


Rachel said...

Lieber Magyar,
es gibt Menschen, die sich nach Zahlen richten, ich mich im Besonderen nur nach der Uhr, und - meinen Tick kennst du, lächel...

Dir alles Gute
herzlichst, Rachel

sandy said...

oh i like this... my lucky number is 7, my life path is 7 (numerology), my anniversary was on the 7th day of May, my birthday on the 7th day of december ...and oddly enough the first three digits of my phone number is 666 - wierd.

Magyar said...

Wow, numeric coincidences.
__ Sandy, my birthday is December 9th, as is Nora's a friend of Kathy and mine... my post of that date. Sandy, I fully appreciate your visits and comments!

__ Now: Did you subtract our lucky #7:00 from that evil number? Did that clock #6:59 result?

Gwil W said...

Wasn't 666 biblical code for Rome where the devil was said to live?

Have you ever won the lottery?

Magyar said...

I thank y'all for visits and comments. _m

Magyar said...

A review:
__ I guess my dementia had caused me to forget my own birthday... 'tis January ninth, NOT December ninth.
__ Of late... I've been making a lot of errors, and that makes me believe I've become a part of some government process.