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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

__ Previous snowfall and on this ground's new blanket, tree branches pen their words; the authors.

noon sun
trees write as they feel
shadow words



Sandy said...

I have been watching those shadows, too.

Magyar said...

The proffers of Nature we'll forever accept, we are a part of those gifts.
__ Smiles; I thank you for your visits and comments, Sandy!

Ashi said...

bare branches in an cold time, what else could they do than marking fragile shadow words, :)

Magyar said...

I thank you Jens!
__ My mind has always been, and will remain, encaptured by the movement of life's shadows. _m

Crafty Green Poet said...

lovely to imagine the messages the trees write in the shadows

JFM/Jan said...

beautiful what you see _m~

sandy said...

wow, that is beautiful.

Rachel said...

Lieber Magyar,
du lässt ein tolles Bild hier, ich sehe es vor meinen Augen.

Liebe Grüße
von Herzen, Rachel

Magyar said...

Juliet, Jan, Sandy and Rachel_!
__ I truly thank you ladies for your visits, and kind comments! _m

Magyar said...

... and what 24 hour time was this posted? Smiles_! _m

Ygraine said...

Oh how utterly delightful...shadow writing on the snow!
There is something in your words that takes me back to my childhood...And all the the wonder of seeing the freshly fallen snow, embellished with evening shadows.
Oh WOW!! ☺☺

Gillena Cox said...

Luv tge craft of your trees magyar
A vivid and intriguing haiku